Feb 11, 2014

Implementing the New Planning Process

The Transforming Planning project wrapped up at the end of December and now the Corporate Planning Applications Group (CPAG) Business Office will work to implement our new planning system. A number of priority projects coming from Transforming Planning have been identified and the CPAG Business Office is moving ahead with them as they take over where the Pilot Project Team has left off.

Overall implementation of the new planning system will be a phased approach so that we are able to learn from our efforts and ensure that repeatable processes are created. The Pilot Project Team is being converted into Research & Development to support the LEARN component of the new planning system and they will serve as the entry point for all planning applications in order to help improve our planning system. They will test new tools, products and procedures so we may constantly upgrade and improve the way we do business.

We had a considerable amount of interest with the pilot projects (Such as EXPLORE and the combined LOC/DP submission application). As a result, we are particularly interested in continuing to refine these two tools in our new R&D function, to develop them to the point where they can be fully rolled out across the system

As we move forward with this research and development function, we are looking for project applications that will help us learn and find new ways to work together, test elements of the new work flow, develop capacity of all participants and collaboratively build a great city.

We are working to develop an intake method for these kinds of projects, but in the meantime will be accepting proposals for projects that would be a good fit for our research and development team via email.

Please visit our website and submit your proposal if you have a project and are:
•        Willing to work within an open, collaborative process that will include multiple stakeholders
•        Willing to participate in this program with a full understanding that an approval is not a guaranteed outcome
•        Willing to share your insights and provide constructive feedback
•        Open to new process changes and taking an experimental approach
•        Willing to work through any concerns that may arise during the course of your project (this would mean forgoing traditional escalation methods or encouraging other senior management to become involved in order to ‘problem solve’)

Please note:  If you have an application that is already being processed, then that application is not eligible for this project.

Thank you for your interest in this project and look forward to hearing from you. We will contact you to advise if your project is eligible for consideration.  

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