Feb 28, 2014

Shedding Light: Baconfest Week 7

We had a tremendous windup to Baconfest Wednesday evening with another crowd exceeding 200, putting us over 1,500 for attendance at the film series. With the great turnouts and high demand  we have added one more evening next Wednesday (March 5) - sort of a Baconfest addendum with Dan Burden, Executive Director of the Walkable & Livable Communities Institute- the walkability guru talking to us about his work and evaluating communities walk environment. Tamara Lee form the citizen-led Bow to Bluff Placemaking initiative will also be joining us for the discussion. 

The last evening was just as thought provoking as the others challenging the audience to think about the light generated by our living environment and the impact on so many things, not the least of which was the nature that exists in our urban areas.

Councillor Pincott attended to introduce and talk about the film (The City Dark) as dark skies is a subject he has championed at the municipal level.

Following the film we were able to speak with Greg Heller, the author of the Ed Bacon biography, via conference call. Greg provided some terrific insight into Ed bacon, his accomplishments and the lighter side that we caught a glimpse of in the Paris video. What a great way to wrap things up!
Ed Bacon in 2002, skateboarding in LOVES Park - one of the
 stories shared by Greg Heller at Baconfest.
The discussion following the film included more thoughts about affordable housing and the article that was in the paper the same day. In contrast to what contribution levels are achieved elsewhere, we pointed out how Calgary is greatly lagging despite the record level of building.

In the weeks ahead we will be bringing more thoughts and ideas to the table. In the meantime, please sign up for ‘1000 Friends of YYC’ to keep in touch. We are currently over 300 people, help us get to 1000 and be a part of helping to shape the future of our city. 

See you next week for our bonus week of Baconfest! 

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