Apr 7, 2014

Empowering the metropolis: Rollin Stanley at TEDxYYC

The world is changing rapidly. Urbanization at unprecedented rates, rapid migration outstripping any population shift in history, and the changing face of commerce focusing on the entrepreneur. Rollin Stanley believes the successful metropolis will succeed or fail based on how well it empowers women, youth and minorities. The urban economies that provide the best access, equality and opportunity to these groups will be those that offer the highest quality of life where everyone shares in the opportunities that cities present.

Rollin Stanley has been and is influential in shaping the urban environments of several metropolitan areas in North America. He consults around the world with a message of access, equality and opportunity for all, leading to greater awareness of the role all citizens play in shaping the prosperity and quality of life where they live. Working in diverse urban environments, including Toronto, St. Louis, the suburbs of Washington D.C. and now shaping growth in Calgary, the fastest-growing city on the continent, he has been influential in defining the discussion on the look and feel of the cities of the future.

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