Jul 10, 2014

Classic National Film Board - 1960's View of Earth

Every now and then stumbling across YouTube, you can find gems, and this certainly is one them. A National Film Board of Canada look at life on earth I think from 1966.  A world where life on earth is about cars.  A satirical look at how the auto culture was dominating the landscape.

Recent research shows that auto use is on the increase here in YYC. We commute as we build. Options are good, but so is balance. Recently during a presentation to members of the Calgary Real Estate Board, I was asked a question about the bike routes downtown and their cost. The “questioner" was elevated, saying it was so much for so few.

I responded by asking where she lived and how many interchanges did she use to commute and was she aware of the cost of each? And did they represent value being targeted for residents of one community?  Well certainly they do if they provide access to jobs, services, schools etc. Calgary has lots of examples of providing options through infrastructure investment to increase mobility throughout the city.

As we move into the Fall discussion on capital investments for the next four years, these discussions are critical for providing for all residents of Calgary - those who live close to work, those who live further away, those who drive, car pool, ride a bike walk or ride transit. Our growth management approach will help us provide City Council with information on where the City should be investing in infrastructure with the goal of smart investment that both completes and enhances our communities.

Infrastructure as we see in the NFB film, is the leader in determining where and how we grow.

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