Jul 7, 2014

Planning, Development & Assessment Restructuring Update

The new Planning, Development & Assessment (PDA) department structure took effect 2014 May 1. Physical moves are now underway and will continue through the summer.  As part of the nextCITY initiative, the restructuring of Planning, Development & Assessment (PDA) creates a department that supports integrated decision making, employee development, and a customer oriented focus by service line. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition for citizens and clients. Customer service impacts will be minimized as much as possible and business continuity is top of mind as we complete the restructuring process.  

I have a new requirement for a permit or development application – who do I call?
Effective 2014 May 1, all new requests for permits and development applications will be received through a central intake desk in Inspection & Permit Services. This is the same 3rd floor intake counter in the Municipal Building as before.  Customer Advisory Services personnel will assign each file to the appropriate internal resource; ensuring requests are handled as quickly as possible. Customers can also call our multi-queue information support centre (403-268-5311) where planning services technicians can assist with development, building, and business licence inquiries.

Finding Services and People in the New Structure
All services provided by PDA prior to the reorganization continue to be provided. Please refer to the PDA External – Products & Services Locator Chart to find where services are now located >>>

Click here to see a PDF of the Organization Structure image below.

To reach any department please call 311 and ask to be directed to the service you require. If you have an existing contact within PDA please feel free to contact them directly; if they can’t help you (if their role has changed) they will direct you to the appropriate person.

New Planning Boundaries
We have updated the planning area boundaries. The following principles and factors were important in determining the new boundaries:
  • no communities split
  • each includes a mixture of land use typologies and MDP Activity Centres and Corridors
  • support the best outcomes for the City and Stakeholders
See a map of the new planning areas >>>

Meet the Team


Rollin Stanley
General Manager
Planning, Development & Assessment
The City of Calgary

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