Jan 26, 2015

Baconfest – Third Showing – Radiant City

This week’s Baconfest showing is a home-grown flick called Radiant City. Sure to stimulate lots of discussion, it is important as you watch it to think about how Calgary is changing for the better as we continue to welcome so many new people.

In preparation, think about the following aerial shots of Calgary neighbourhoods. Which neighbourhood offers the most efficient means of getting around and does that always equate into more pavement and hence less permeable surfaces, healthier lifestyles, connectivity, etc.?

Our City is a vibrant place of many communities. New communities are coming in at much higher densities than when this film was made.

At 6 p.m. prior to the movie, there will be a short presentation by one of our planners, Darrell Sargent, who was working in Christchurch when the earthquake hit. We had many questions last week about the status of the rebuilding in that city and Darrell will give us an update on that as well.

Watch the Radiant City Trailer

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