Jan 20, 2015

The Human Scale

We have a terrific movie queued up for tomorrow's edition of Baconfest.

Titled The Human Scale, it comes out of the Nordic countries and starts with attributing Jan Gehl with the move away from architecture to spaces for people. Those who attended Baconfest last year may remember we showed what I consider to be the pivotal film and book in the movement to public space, William Whyte's The Social Life of Small Spaces.

The narration reminds me a bit of Ken Burns on PBS who did the Civil War and Baseball documentaries, a little depressing, however once the movie gets going it really is very interesting, particularly when the folks in the booming megalopolis start talking about change. What they have to say puts things into perspective for North American cities. I think there is something for everyone in this movie and you will leave with thoughts, questions and ideas about global change, as well as the landscape here in YYC.

Councillor Evan Wooley is coming with family members. Evan has seen the movie and feels there are takeaways as we move ahead with ideas to invest in our public realm downtown. He will speak briefly at the start about his ideas on how good businesses invest in themselves, and YYC should not be any different. 50,000 people a day cross under the rail corridor walking, biking, running, similar to the number of people projected to be using the completion of the ring road driving in cars. He makes a strong case for better investment in the public space.

See you tomorrow at the Library’s Dutton Theatre.

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