Apr 28, 2015

Wood frame construction fire safety blitz

As a result of a fire on March 7, 2015 to a four-storey wood frame building in the community of Mission, City departments are working together to monitor all active four-storey construction in the city through safety spot checks.

“The objective is to increase awareness of construction site safety and prevent fires while buildings are under construction,” says Marco Civitarese, chief building official with The City. “Inspection teams will be doing spot checks to confirm standpipes and fire hydrants are functioning and fire department access is maintained.” 

Building Safety Codes Officers and the Calgary Fire Department will also be looking at:

  • Additional site security during construction must be provided 24/7
  • Garbage enclosures
  • Placement of fire extinguishers 
  • Installation of standpipe and hose system
  • No on-site smoking
  • Water hydrants on-site as soon as construction begins
  • And additional concerns that may cause hazards to the public.

If construction sites are found in non-compliance during an inspection, the site will receive Notice from the Alberta Building Code and Alberta Fire Code. Immediate action for compliance is expected and construction activity such as hot works may not be permitted until compliance is achieved.  Where notices have been served, follow up inspections will be undertaken to ensure compliance.  If there is non-compliance after 30 days, stronger measures will be taken which can and may include charges under the Safety Codes Act.

Please visit calgary.ca for more information on wood frame construction

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