Jan 14, 2016

PlaceMakers Speaker Series

Our Urban Design Speaker Series was a huge success!  Many thanks to all of you that attended these sessions and helped make them a success.  The intent was to bring in expertise in design and architecture in conjunction with the fifth bi-annual Mayor’s Urban Design Awards.  We hosted five speakers over a combination of afternoon and evening discussion sessions and full day workshops with incredible attendance.

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For those of you who were unable to attend, here is a quick recap on the speakers:

Ken Greenberg - Greenberg Consultants, Toronto
Urban Designer Ken Greenberg was here as a MUDA juror. He also presented two sessions, one public and one to staff, on the history of cities, reflecting on how the car has shaped the cities we build.  He talked about generational and technological shifts that are helping us to evolve the way we design our cities and the common challenges faced.

Clyde Holland – Holland Partners Group, Seattle
Real Estate Developer Clyde Holland presented on examples of successful Transit Oriented Development and redevelopment projects in the Seattle area.  Clyde walked the audience through one of his premier developments that has just come to light - Orenco station.   Clyde spoke about the importance of having conversations between the community and the municipality up front so it is clear what direction you are going. Favourite quote from the event “give me a city that wants to accomplish something great. Then let’s work together.”

Michel Trocme, Urban Strategies, Toronto 
Architect Michel Trocme was our keynote speaker at MUDA .  He spoke to the audience about projects at different scales and how it is important to think about projects from 35,000 ft scale to on the ground.   He provided many wonderful examples of projects from across the world that ranged from large master planned projects in Dubai to excellent individual buildings.  He concluded with a showcase of his favourite developments from Canada’s east coast to west coast finishing off with Calgary. 

Peg Staehli and Lolly Kunkler – SVR Design, Seattle

Peg is a landscape architect and Lolly is a civil engineer. They provided a unique perspective on building great cities by looking at low impact development and alternative infrastructure planning.  They provided examples of integrating low impact development in both redevelopment and new development scenarios.  Low impact development involves thinking about alternative ways to manage storm water drainage associated with all of the permeable development we create.  How do we limit the amount of infrastructure required?  How do we clean and treat run-off before it enters back into the watershed? They also presented a public lecture that took a higher level overview of their extensive body of work and the wonderful results they have achieved in weaving innovative environmental approaches into urban design.

Hazel Borys and Susan Henderson – PlaceMakers, Winnipeg 
PlaceMakers hosted two full -day workshops on the principles of form based code and how the best aspects of those theories could be incorporated into Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw.  They walked the audience through examples of how to potentially integrate transect based rules into the Land Use Bylaw using Main Streets and Greenline station area development as great places to start.  For those of you who were unable to attend, here are links to the presentations and handouts from the workshop.


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