Feb 16, 2016

Submitted videos cap off another Baconfest

It has been another great year for Calgary’s Baconfest urban planning film festival.

We topped 1,300 people over the four nights - friends in other cities ask me to explain this phenomena - my response is "I can't".

The momentum builds each year. Putting my mind to it, there is a positive wave here of folks wanting to make a difference, to change the dialogue to help Calgary move forward and build on the progressive ideas we see in other places.

The film we showed about different living spaces over the past 70 years is a good example. The N3 condo going up in east village, small units with no parking is part of that evolution. A few weeks ago I was at a REIT conference in Toronto and was approached by a company that builds small student condos of 27 m2 that sell for around $155,000. They are interested in the Calgary market.

After such wonderful praise of the films being submitted and great discussion at the festival; I have decided to make the short film playlist public for everyone to view.  Everyone was very pleased with the array of topics covered in these short films, the quality and passion that each filmed showed about different aspects of urbanism.  Submissions came from a variety of different groups and a local developer.

I’m pleased to say that two of the films were submitted by my staff!  Go to the End & Come Back was submitted by Jihad Bitar and talks about how a hobby of a local graphic designer to do future skyline drawings of Downtown Calgary has turned into a major following by the Calgary Skyscraper Forum and local media.  Filling in the Gaps was done by David Couroux and Mathew Sheldrake and looks at how intensification can take on a variety of forms (obvious and sometimes hidden) throughout our City and how this intensification influences and changes neighbourhood population demographics.

I can easily say that all of the films were enjoyed and well received and the discussion that occurred following their debut was excellent and I hope that you enjoyed them all.  I know many were keen to submit films; but perhaps a bit nervous to see how they would be received.  After Wednesday night, I think it’s clear that these films will always be enjoyed and well received by the Baconfest audience.  I hope that you will consider making your own short film for next year’s festival so that we can expand on this new aspect of the Baconfest festival.

Congratulations to all who submitted the films – they were truly a wonderful addition to Baconfest. If you have not watched them – I hope that you enjoy them as much as the Baconfest audience did.  We are already planning for the next Baconfest. If you have ideas for films let us know. Share our short films with everyone and let's get the message out across the continent and the world how great our residents are in creating a dialogue about Calgary and cities.

Thank you to all who attended this year and to our Baconfest partners: The Alberta Professional Planners Instiute (APPI); The Calgary Public Library; DIRTT; and Charcut for donating this year’s supply of bacon!

Stay tuned for 2017, and start planning YOUR film submission now!


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