Feb 21, 2017

Baconfest: The last picture show 

So our third evening of film and chat was another great evening.  We are not sure if the sugar In the donuts we served had anything to do with it. Unexpectedly one of the Calgary Foundation grant winners Jean-Claude Munyezamu was there to tell the film goers about the terrific work his non profit, Soccer Without Boundaries, does with kids recently arrived here in Calgary. It was a very uplifting description about what everyday Calgarians are doing to make our community a better place to live.   

A highlight of this year's Baconfest is our final screening where we'll be showing, Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

Premiering at the Toronto International Film  Festival last fall,  this new documentary film explores Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses' fight for NYC. The inspiration for today’s beloved Jane’s Walk, Jane is also known for her early 1960's book about cities, and later writings about city economies. These books also help us understand what is happening in our cities today.

Thanks to the Calgary Underground Film Festival and the Calgary Foundation for sponsoring the film and making it possible for a very rare pre-release screening before the film opens in theaters in April.   

And one final reminder - our screening on Wednesday moves to a different venue, the Globe Cinema. While I have not yet seen the film the reviews have been excellent. I look forward to watching it with you and discussing your thoughts afterwards.    

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