Feb 24, 2017

Baconfest: Till We Meet Again

Baconfest: Till We Meet Again

Sorry to see this year's Baconfest come to an end. It did, however, end with a bang. Our rare pre-release screening of Citizen Jane, a film about the struggle between Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs,  was a real treat, and we even got a tweet from the producers wishing all a great evening watching their film. 

Calgarians got to view Citizen Jane even before New Yorkers, thanks to our sponsors, the Calgary Underground Film Festival which secured the screening, and the Calgary Foundation, which provided the resources so we could show it free.

I think the straight talk from Robert Moses, showing such hard-nosed attitudes to the people being displaced and dismissing their concerns, was surprising to many. It was certainly indicative of the time but  thankfully it's not how we approach public works today. And of course we all laughed when the film noted Jane’s move to Toronto, where she had to do it all again with the Spadina Expressway proposal.

As usual our audience was knowledgeable and engaged in some great discussions. Seems having DIRTT (our food sponsor for the fourth straight year) providing popcorn this round instead of the usual Bacon had the same impact. Since the first Baconfest we've switched up the programming, moving from an initial eight screenings to a comfortable four evenings of urban entertainment. The Calgary Public Library tells us this is the most popular event at their Dutton Theatre. We are always open to suggestions about how we improve, what films to show, or whether the donuts last week were better than the usual sandwiches. So please let us know your thoughts.

I mentioned that we're now located in the Triangle Gallery in front of City Hall. We have a small open space where we are looking to continue discussions with the community on urban ideas and issues.  We are open to your thoughts and suggestions.  We can accommodate around 45 people for such an event and if the weather is nice, move it outside. So please let us know what you would like to discuss. And if you would like to watch Citizen Jane again, we may be showing it again during the Canadian Planning Conference in June.

I look forward to engaging all our loyal followers at the fifth Baconfest next year and hopefully throughout the rest of this year.

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