Feb 6, 2017

Baconfest Week 2: Exploring Community Transformation

A terrific kickoff to our 4th Annual Baconfest last Wednesday with 325 people attending our showing of two films about bringing nature into urban areas and the Highline in NYC. The highest attendance in our four years. 

This week’s showings take a different turn, beginning with a full length film title Everything Will Be.

This film is about the transformation of Chinatown in Vancouver. As we all know, our pacific neighbor has incredible appeal and the accompanying real estate pressures. 

Chinatown here, as in most cities, is strategically located for real estate investment. Experiences from other cities that have witnessed growth pressure in these historic neighbourhoods can be relevant, given recent development ideas in Calgary.

The film presents a balanced view on gentrification of this historic Vancouver neighbourhood through interviews with long time residents and business owners and the newcomers to Chinatown. So dig yourself out of the snow and bring your ideas to the Dutton Theatre this Wednesday and join the discussion.

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